Since 1989, BARROW SHAVER has had a 60% success rate with 43% developmental wells and 57% field extensions or wildcats.

Barrels of Oil

Three of our discoveries alone will produce EUR’s in the range of 100 BCF and 7 million BBLS of oil. Personville (Cotton Valley/Travis Peak Formations), BSR (Sub-Clarksville Formation) and Buffalo (Dexter Woodbine Formation).

Three of our acquisitions or marketed divestures will produce in excess of 350 BCF. The Oletha Field consists of 70 wells and will produce in excess of 200 BCF. The Personville Field which consists of 40 wells will produce in excess of 50 BCF and the Signal Peak Field which consists of 130 wells will produce excess of 100 BCF.


BARROW SHAVER has participated with other companies or let other companies develop after the first wells were drilled. This participation in approximately 150 non-operated wells over the years has a 50% success rate.

BARROW SHAVER in its beginning focused and drilled mainly rank wildcats looking for large reserves with large risks involved. Since the late 1990’s BARROW-SHAVER has become more focused on lower risk bread and butter plays, such as Sub-Clarksville, Woodbine, Travis Peak, Cotton Valley and other tight gas sands.

In the last ten years BARROW SHAVER has re-focused some of its efforts on strategic resource plays such as Barnett Shale, Haynesville Shale, West Texas Carbonates formations and tight gas sands in the Cotton Valley and Bossier Formations where rapidly developing technology in horizontal drilling and multi stage completions can provide an economic uplift over conventional vertical wells.

BARROW SHAVER feels that existing acquisition in markets for producing-developing properties (PDP) has very good value due the current low commodity pricing scenario and the majors and large independents are selling non-core assets in the East Texas and West Texas Basins. BARROW-SHAVER is an ideal candidate to acquire and exploit the current existing producing properties environment.