Company History and Present Objectives

BARROW SHAVER RESOURCES COMPANY LLC (“BARROW SHAVER”), also known as Barrow-Shaver Resources Company is a privately held, independent oil and gas exploration and acquisition company based in Tyler, Texas. BARROW SHAVER is engaged in prospect generation, producing properties acquisition, lease acquisition, assembly and marketing of prospects for the exploration and development of oil and natural gas in the prolific producing trends of the East Texas and West Texas Basins with a proven track record of success. The company is aggressive, but at the same time maintains a conservative, high quality philosophy using a balanced portfolio approach to manage both technical and commercial risk. The company was formed in mid-1989 as a partnership between Thomas D. Barrow and Scott O. Shaver, Managing Partner and Exploration Manager. Both have had extensive experience in the assembly and marketing of prospects throughout East and West Texas.

Since its inception, BARROW SHAVER has worked diligently in the generation and marketing of quality prospects, located in the East Texas and West Texas Basins. Through its Tyler, Texas office, BARROW SHAVER’s highly experienced staff develops exploration ideas and identifies drilling prospects, acquires producing properties, acquires leases, markets working interest participation to industry partners, and supervises drilling. Completion, and production activities on prospects originated by the Company. In addition to internally generated prospects, the Company reviews prospects submitted by third parties for acquisition and assembly by providing lease acquisition funding or for possible participation by BARROW SHAVER and its participants. Emphasis is always placed on obtaining prospects of the strongest technical quality and highest potential economic returns for BARROW SHAVER and its participants.

BARROW SHAVER’s primary area of exploration and acquisition expertise and effort is focused in the larger reserve plays of the East Texas Basin and Midland Basin of Texas. The company’s drilling and acquisition prospects generally range from 6,000’ to 14,000’.

Acquisition and drilling prospects are developed with strict attention to geological, geophysical and economic merit. In addition to the scientific and technical aspects of a prospect, factors such as development opportunities, production marketability and quick payout are considered to be critical in determining prospect viability.