BARROW SHAVER RESOURCES COMPANY LLC (“BARROW SHAVER”), also known as Barrow-Shaver Resources Company is a privately held, independent oil and gas exploration and acquisition company based in Tyler, Texas. BARROW SHAVER is engaged in prospect generation, producing properties acquisition, lease acquisition, assembly and marketing of prospects for the exploration and development of oil and natural gas in the prolific producing trends of the East Texas and West Texas Basins with a proven track record of success. The company is aggressive, but at the same time maintains a conservative, high quality philosophy using a balanced portfolio approach to manage both technical and commercial risk. The company was formed in mid-1989 with a partnership between Thomas D. Barrow and Scott O. Shaver, Managing Partner and Exploration Manager. Both have extensive experience in the assembly and marketing of economic projects. Since its inception, BARROW SHAVER has worked diligently in the generation and marketing of quality prospects, located in the East Texas and West Texas Basins. Through its Tyler, Texas office, BARROW SHAVER’s highly experienced staff develops exploration ideas and identifies drilling prospects, acquires producing properties, acquires leases, markets working interest participation to industry partners, and supervises drilling, completion, and production activities on prospects originated by the Company. In addition to internally generated prospects, the Company reviews prospects submitted by third parties for acquisition and assembly by providing lease acquisition funding or for possible participation by BARROW SHAVER and its participants. Emphasis is always placed on obtaining prospects of the strongest technical quality and highest potential economic returns for BARROW SHAVER and its participants. BARROW SHAVER’s primary area of exploration and acquisition expertise and effort is focused in the larger reserve plays of the East Texas Basin and Midland Basin of Texas. The company’s drilling and acquisition prospects generally range from 6,000’ to 14,000’. Acquisition and drilling prospects are developed with strict attention to geological, geophysical and economic merit. In addition to the scientific and technical aspects of a prospect, factors such as development opportunities, production marketability and quick payout are considered to be critical in determining prospect viability.





Mr. Shaver, a native of Tyler, Texas, graduated from Texas Tech University in 1980, with a B.S. Degree in Geology and a minor in Geophysics, Physics and Math. Upon graduation he joined Jones Company in Albany, Texas, as a field and operations geologist. In May of 1981 he joined publicly held Locklin Oil Company as an Exploration Geologist. In his eight years with Locklin Oil Company he assumed several positions from Assistant Secretary-Treasurer to Vice President and Director of the Company. During this period, he was responsible for several dozen exploration projects from start to finish which resulted in discoveries as well as many field extensions and development wells. Responsibilities included prospect origination, acquisition, marketing, drilling and completion. In September of 1989 Mr. Shaver and Thomas D. Barrow formed Barrow-Shaver Resources Co., a Texas General Partnership. Barrow-Shaver has concentrated its efforts on exploring, drilling, producing and marketing of assets in the East Texas area. Since 1989 Barrow-Shaver Resources Co. has become and remains a solid independent integrated Oil and Gas Company in the East Texas area, with many discoveries. Mr. Shaver is the President and Manager of Barrow-Shaver Resources Company LLC and deals with its day to day operations and all executive decisions. Mr. Shaver has other associated companies and holdings in the oil and gas and real estate industry. Mr. Shaver is active within his church and other community organizations.




Mr. Barrow has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, real estate development, and prior to that, in the securities and brokerage fields. Mr. Barrow, a resident of Dallas, Texas, was with the firm of Harris, Upham & Company through 1970 after which he spent several years with White, Weld & Company and the National Bank of Commerce in Dallas, Texas. In 1975, Mr. Barrow began forming investment partnerships to fund oil and gas exploration and development projects and, in 1978, he was co-founder of B&N Petroleum, Inc. As president of B&N Petroleum, Mr. Barrow was responsible for all decisions affecting the company‘s oil and gas exploration and production activities, resulting in the completion of several successful drilling activities. In 1988, B&N Petroleum sold substantially all of its producing properties to Amax Oil and Gas Company and to Sonat Exploration Company.

Since that time, Mr. Barrow has been a partner in Bargo Energy Company, oil and gas Acquisition Company based in Houston, Texas and is the CEO of Barrow Energy Corporation based in Longview, Texas. He is Vice President of Barrow Heath, Inc., Longview, Texas, a company that provides equity capital for investments in properties, including multi-family, student housing, and timberland investments.

He served on the Board of Directors of Nuevo Energy Company, a New York Stock Exchange Company, for more than ten years and served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Good Shepherd Medical Center, Longview, Texas for several years. He currently is a member of the Longhorn Foundation Board for the University of Texas in Austin and various boards and committees of local civic organizations.




Mr. James R. (Rick) Turner, a native of East Texas, lives in his hometown of Marshall, Texas. Upon completion of high school, he attended Stephen F. Austin University and graduated in 1973 with a B.S. degree in Geology. After graduation, he served three years in the U.S. Army as an Ordinance Officer and as an Engineering Officer. Following his tour of active duty, Mr. Turner entered the graduate school at Texas A&M University and earned a Master of Science Degree in Geology in 1977. After graduation, he joined Gulf Oil Company in Houston as an Exploration Geologist working the Mesozoic of the Gulf Coast. In 1981, he returned to East Texas and worked for several years in Shreveport with Braddock Exploration and Pruet Oil Company of Jackson, Mississippi. In 1990, he began working for Fina Oil and Chemical Company in Tyler, Texas, and later for Enron Oil and Gas. In 1998, he joined Barrow-Shaver Resources Company in Tyler where he serves as chief geologist.

While in Shreveport, Mr. Turner served on the Board of Directors of the Shreveport Geological Society including serving as President of the Society. He also served on the Board of Directors and as President of the Shreveport Chapter of the Society of Professional Well Log Analysts. In Tyler, Mr. Turner works on the Scholarship Committee of the East Texas Geological Society, as well as serving as Vice President of the Society and as Chairman of the Mesozoic Sandstone Gas Symposium. He is a frequent speaker at Geological Society meetings in Shreveport, Tyler, and Dallas. He has published several papers in the Transactions of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies on numerous topics that include the environment of deposition of the Woodbine at Kurten Field in Brazos County, Texas; the petrophysical character of the Smackover at Bayou Middlefork in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana; a model for the creation of salt diapirs in the East Texas Basin; recognition of low resistivity production in the Travis Peak and Cotton Valley of East Texas; evidence for strike-slip faulting in Northeast Texas; and petrophysical answers for producibility in the Bossier Sandstone in East Texas. Mr. Turner’s geological experience includes exploration and production in the Smackover of South Arkansas and East Texas, the Paluxy of East Texas, the Cotton Valley and Travis Peak of East Texas, and salt domes in East Texas and North Louisiana. Mr. Turner is also interested in applying surface geo-chemistry and topographic analysis as exploration tools.




Mr. Kasino has a BS from the Colorado State University and a MS from Texas Tech University. Mr. Kasino is a geoscientist with over thirty years of industry experience and a proven track record of exploration discoveries. He has recently retired from a major oil and gas company where he held a variety of positions in exploration ranging from individual contributor to VP of Exploration. In addition to his experience in the Gulf Coast and East Texas he has worked in diverse basins such as GOM, Western China, Myanmar, North Sea, and Offshore Trinidad & Tobago. Over the last several years, as a senior geoscientist, his technical expertise and broad exploration experience led to the development of a quality prospect inventory based on new play concepts in the mature East Texas Basin.

His most recent assignments also led to an in-depth understanding of several emerging technologies that are being applied in unconventional reservoirs to enhance production performance and increase reserve recovery, specifically including new completion approaches in horizontal wellbores. Applying this technical expertise along with his commercial acumen, Mr. Kasino is focused on generating additional exploration and exploitation opportunities within the East Texas Basin.





Mr. Sims, a native of Corpus Christi, Texas, is a 1979 graduate of Baylor University with a BBA and a 1980 graduate of the Baylor School of Law with a Juris Doctor degree.  Mr. Sims began his career as an attorney with a small general office practice firm in Refugio, Texas, where he began with a myriad of transactional matters, including the operation and maintenance of the firm-owned abstract plant.  In 1984, Mr. Sims was hired by the Lawrence law firm in Tyler, Texas, and began a long career in transactional law, including banking, estate planning, probate, guardianships, real estate and oil and gas. In 1996, upon the dissolution of the Lawrence firm, he began a solo practice in the same areas of law.  After more than 25 years in law practice, Mr. Sims turned his focus to and oil and gas as a landman and contract paralegal, running title for various clients both online and throughout the courthouses of East Texas.  This oil and gas focus then evolved into a position as land administrator reviewing and drafting oil and gas documents and pipeline water easements under the direction of client in-house counsel.  In 2012, he joined Barrow-Shaver Resources Company to lend his experience with documents and contracts, title examination and probate and heirship matters, to the oil and gas development and exploration of Barrow-Shaver, as Land Manager. Mr. Sims also oversees regulatory and matters, divison orders and royalty relations.




Mr. Brown, born in Amarillo, Texas moved to East Texas in 1972. Upon completion of High School in Quitman, Texas he attended Tyler Junior College and the University of Texas at Tyler where he studied Petroleum Technology. In 1982 he joined FINA Oil and Chemical Company in Tyler, Texas where he began his career. Mr. Brown held several positions while supervising Field Operations as a Production Superintendent throughout the South Eastern USA.  Field Operations included construction of approximately 100 drilling locations, drilling, completion and workover projects. He was also instrumental in designing Tank Facilities, compression as well as pipeline gathering projects.

TOTAL E&P USA a division of TOTAL of France acquired the world wide assets from FINA in 1999. Mr. Brown continued his 28 year career with TOTAL and was transferred to the Gulf of Mexico Deep Water Division where he Supervised Production Operations working in a team to drill multiple sidetracks from the Tension Leg Platform Matterhorn in 3,000’ of water. The Matterhorn system produced 40,000 BOPD and 20,000 MCFD. He was assigned to develop Operating & SIMOP procedures working in the Houston office. TOTAL divested the USA operations in May of 2010. Mr. Brown took an early retirement package at that time. In June 2010 Mr. Brown joined XTO Energy in Tyler, Texas as a completion consultant. He worked in Deep East Texas completing 70 prolific Horizontal Haynesville & Bossier wells. The consulting team completed several 22,000’ wells with over 8,000’ laterals with as many as 36 stages of completions per Lateral.

Mr. Brown joined Barrow Shaver Resources Co. in March 2012 as a Production Superintendent where his expertise will be utilized in all aspects of Drilling and exploration activities.

He served on the Board of Directors for the East Gas Producers Association 1990 – 1994. The Quarterly meetings were conducted in Carthage, Texas with a multitude of Producers as well as Service companies.





Mr. Parra, a native of Dallas, Texas, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas Tech University in 2018 with a B.S. In Petroleum Engineering and Minors in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. Mr. Parra joined Barrow Shaver Resources in July 2018 with a primary focus on Petroleum Engineering. He is knowledgeable with reservoir and production engineering and is currently responsible for reservoir characterization, reserves estimation, petroleum economics and production analysis/forecasting.




Mrs. Wavrusa is a Tyler native who graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Univesity of Texas at Tyler in 2011 with both a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration. She was the 2011 recipient of UT Tyler’s Accounting Excellence Award, and she because a Certified Public Accountant in 2014. She has spent her career as an industry accountant specializing in oil and gas. She joined Barrow Shaver Resources as an in-house accountant in February 2019.





Mrs. Haley was born in Mississippi and moved to East Texas shortly after, where she has lived all her life. She worked for a spring manufacturing company as Bookkeeper and Office Manager for 12 years, then joined Barrow Shaver Resources in 2006 overseeing Accounts Payable and Joint Interest Billing. In 2015, Mrs. Haley was promoted to Office Manager of Barrow Shaver Resources.